Before this little creation, I’d never made trifle before and, to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this slightly strange English pudding. But, I thought I’d give it a whirl as part of my seasonal cooking experiments- with layers of sponge, fruit and custard, it has the potential to be a relatively healthy dessert and possibly a crowd pleaser. I’m pleased to say that I was right on both counts! This trifle is yummy, straightforward to make (even though there are a few steps to take) and packed with fruit and dairy goodness.


Fruit layer

  • 200g frozen summer berries
  • 1 star anise (optional)
  • 1 tbsp agave syrup or to taste

Sponge layer

  • 2 brioche rolls/ bread, sliced

Custard layer

  • 3 free range egg yolks
  • 1/2 pint whole milk
  • 1 level tbsp cornflour
  • 1 large tbsp agave syrup (or to taste)
  • few drops of vanilla extract
  • flaked almonds (optional)


  1. Start by cooking the fruit layer. To do so, put the berries (frozen or defrosted) into a pan with the star anise (if using), the agave syrup and 100ml water. Simmer for around 10  minutes with a lid on. Give a stir every so often. After 10 minutes, the berries should have cooked down a little bit to create a juicy, fruit mix. Remove the star anise and leave to cool whilst you make the custard layer.
  2. You could use any custard recipe for the custard layer but this is how I made it: put the egg yolks, milk, and cornflour into a pan. Cook over a low heat and whisk the mixture continually. Watch the custard and keep stirring to make sure that no lumps form and that the custard doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan. It should slowly begin to thicken into a nice, smooth custard. Do not allow the custard to boil as it may curdle. Remove the custard from the heat and add the vanilla and agave syrup to taste.
  3. Now it’s time for the fun bit- creating the trifles! The photos below show each of the steps. First, for the sponge layer, arrange the brioche on the bottom of the ramekins or a glass bowl. Try to cover the bottom as much as possible. Second, spoon the fruit mixture over the brioche slices (I used a heaped tbsp of fruit for each ramekin). Thirdly, pour over the custard. Lastly, sprinkle some flaked almonds over the top.
  4. Cover with cling film and chill for a least a couple of hours before eating (I left mine overnight).



  • Nutritional Highlights: The custard brings B12 and protein to this dish. The berries have lots of vitamin C.
  • First served at: 18 months
  • A-L rating: She loved this dessert, licking up every last bit and then asking for ‘more?’
  • Freezer friendly? No
  • Adult adaption: None necessary. This really is very tasty as it is.

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